Ds expressed through service

For those who appreciate more formal D/s service and protocols, regardless of sex, orientation or which side of the slash you belong. While this will often be in the form of Ladies’ Tea based on the teachings of the Northern California Tea Society a.k.a. TwistedTeas.org, we also plan to offer formal dinners on occasion. Protocols will evolve and change to fit the needs of the guests, as well as the group, but training provided by the Ladies of the Nor-Cal Tea Society is the inspiration for this group and we never want to forget the importance of MsDomina, Lady Cynthia and MsKitNBoots’ contributions.

Anyone willing to contemplate travel to the Fresno/Madera area is welcome to join. We host regular events and trainings, based on interest and availability. Keep in mind that any specific protocols or rules will be specified at the time an event is created, which means that while this group was envisioned as holding traditional CFNM teas, individual hosts often utilize several of our amazing female servers and/or clothing is used at their discretion. Specifics for individual events will be included in Event postings on Fetlife and in private confirmations sent via e-mail.

If you are interested in serving at a CCTS event, you MUST attend training prior to service. Currently training is held on the Saturday prior to Sunday Teas here at the Ranch. Potential servers from outside the local area may request lodging in the guestroom if they plan to come for the weekend.

Calendar of upcoming Events:

September 3rd, 2016 - Tea Service Training 10am - 4pm

This is a full day which includes a morning session on preparing a proper multi-course tea, including seasonal food and garnish. The afternoon session covers how to serve the multi-course tea in a high protocol setting. We also touch on foot-service (washing and basic foot massage). While the subject is high protocol, our classes tend to have a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. We ask a $20 donation from those attending both sessions to help cover costs - lunch is provided.

September 4th, 2016 - Ladies Tea

Open to those who identify as female. Servers will be a combination of male and female. Tea will be served from 4pm - 6pm. Details will be posted shortly.

Contact us by E-mail: AudioDiva@DamRanchCA.com or mobie@DamRanchCA.com or by PM on Fetlife.com