D.a.m. Camp

The perfect opportunity to play in the woods of Central California. Get to know other people with similar interests from all walks of life and orientations. ALL are welcome. Do not miss out on this kinky camp in 2017.

D.a.m. Camp 2016 included a HandFasting celebration and Slave Games arranged by campers, guitar and hoola hoop performances by the fireside, BDSM scenes in the woods and by firelight, among other things.

Checkout Fetlife to see whose fetish list includes "This one time at D.a.m. Camp..." which was uttered repeatedly throughout the long weekend.

Camp is limited to 50 campers, so make sure to sign up early. We ask for a $40 donation to help cover costs - Hosts provide the campsite for 3 nights (Thursday - Sunday), breakfasts and dinners (prepared by our wonderful friends and family), a hot water shower, play spaces and much, much more...

Information will be added as it is available.

Contact us by E-mail: AudioDiva@DamRanchCA.com or mobie@DamRanchCA.com or by Private Message on Fetlife.com

Huge Thanks to PinkPuff for the amazing artwork and Master_Braeden for the lettering of the logo pictured.